From Wiki to Bliki – part 1: Wiki: a Social Software –

Wiki: a Social Software.
Wikis are content management systems (CMS) with an easy built-in editor with whom the different authors collectively about Interrnet / can offer to Intranet your contributions in a common medium.Hence, Wikis have found her application in the area of the encyclopaedias – WIKIPEDIA – and in the enterprise solution IT as a user manual.

Wikipedia is developed after the principle of the first Wikis WikiWikiWeb which was founded by Ward Cunningham in 1994. An open, progressively originates from the collective work of thousands of persons developing Encyclopedia into different worldly languages with the principle All the content still is and, of course, will be work in progress.

These applications are of service for the human, virtual communication and for interactive, linked up collaboration what is understood by the name “Social Software“. They differ from the classic generation of Internet – we could call Web 1.0 –

Classic webgeneration concentrate upon the following areas:

  • Personal self representation
  • Homepage as a electronic business card
  • Advertisement of the company products – catalogues, price-list, special offers
  • orders of goods through Internet

Advantages and disadvantages
Wiki offers generally exciting advantages:

Wiki advantages

  • By the co-operation of the users the quantity of the main entrance grows in contributions and spectators.
  • The user’s interface is easy to serve to win a wide acceptance
  • The versioning of contents is available what allows review or the archiving of the data
  • With the help of an Open-Source licensed system like XAMMP one can provide fast a Wiki for his application in the net or use it in his computer.

However, Wiki also has also disadvantages:

Wiki disadvantages

  • The design of Wiki is not professionally in comparison to software for Content Mangement a system like Typo 3
  • The Printout is scanty.
  • The quality of the contributions is not always professional.
  • The openness of Wiki leads to unsteady and uncontrollable contents of the Contents what is not always welcome with many applications in the virtual society, e.g., know-how about physical laws.
  • The acceptance as professional tools is not taken seriously because of the “popularity” – except with Wikipedia.

Trust is good, however, control is better

A common saying in German “Vertrauen ist gut, aber Kontroll ist besser“- Trust is good, however, control is better– , which would be passed to the openness of wiki by collection of contents from mixed authors. The openness for the co-operation by not elective, voluntary authors is not only advantageous, but also disadvantageous because it brings undesirable contributions with her . Wiki applications are put on the self-control of the authors what cannot avoid, however, vandalism [Spiegel], [WiSah]. However, the Wiki software offers only one easy protective mechanism: either the contributions extinguish or close the users. Therefore some Company-Wikis are developed to the normal product homepage – to the on-line catalogue – back, what is completely against the sense of the Social software.

One should try to find down the middle way between openess the qualtity of contents.

Developments user rights management in wiki will raise the acceptance of the quality of the given data. – Proposal: The Anh Vuong-

An added Plugin of user rights mannagement is on WikiMedia – metawiki -The Free Encyclopedia WIKIPEDIA is powed from WikiMedia- the software for the wikipedia-developed at Johann Wolfgang Goethe’s university of Frankfurt, institute of informatics, graphic data processing department One could define the several rolls of content distributor as constributor, authors, editor or administrators. Each name space of wiki could be assigned to the cont distributor with different access permission. – User RightM downloadable -.

In the other way, I found by testing of open source social software that blog software wordpress has a software achitecture which is similar to the wiki software. So I come up to the idea:

Build up a BLIKI which is a software combination between blog and wiki. One can use the robust and easy user management of wordpress on a mediwiki. -Proposal: The Anh Vuong

This idea is on the way to development. May be some one has motivation to devlop it? You could contact me to involve in our open source project vuong-wikiapp.

So that is the first step “from wiki to bliki”

continue next part 🙂

The Anh Vuong

From Wiki to Bliki
© 2008, Dr.-Ing.The Anh Vuong, Bielefeld, Germany .
Andere Marken oder Produktnamen sind Eigentum der jeweiligen Inhaber. Irrtürme vorbehalten

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2 thoughts on “From Wiki to Bliki – part 1: Wiki: a Social Software –”

  1. Dear Dr. Vuong, your annoucement of a bliki tool sounds exciting. Please let the community learn more about it in your blog. Kind regards from Dresden, Dirk Röhrborn

  2. Dear Mr. Röhrborn, thanks a lot for your interst. I will bring my concept of Bliki for IT-Solutions special on Knowledge-Management.
    Please don’t hesitate to send me some idea for a new Bliki-Concept.
    KInd regards, Anh Vuong

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