ITPM-Wiki: a Handbook for Project management

Project Management Handbook [PM-Handbook] is a necessary tools to give information about the current stand of project.

Components of “IT-Project Management Handbook” are

– Information about organization, budget

– Information about milestones, dead lines

– Information about reviews, protocols, aprovals

– Requirement list, Plans, Concepts, Programmsources by IT

– Test results, Installation handbook, user handbook

– Risks list
– …

Project Management Handbook is not a “cadaver” of information , it is a living document with the lifecycle of project.

It describes progresses of project.
It help project leader, project member and all people involve in project.
It is a tool to manage the project.

Project Management Handbook is therefore the content of project’s knowledge, project’s know how.

How to setting a PM-Handbook?

Information in PM-Handbook could be written in book, in a paper work. It could be expand from a small book to thousand of pages. By IT-Project a PM-Handbook is of a collections of documents or folders of documents, which is take care from a configuration manager of project. By great or komplex project, one prefers to use a data bank mamangement systems (DBMS) for “PM-Handbook”

Apply Wiki as PM-Handbook

Wiki-System has an DBMS and a Version control in the background. There fore Wiki would be a helpful tool to set up a Project Management Handbook. We call here ITPM Wiki -IT Project Management Wiki-.

An ITPM-Handbook is currently using for students in the course Introduction to IT-Project Management. The course is reading in Winter Semester 2008 / 2009 at Wolfgang Johann Goethe University Frankfurt a.M. , Germany.

In this course, students have to manage projects to set up a Web-Portal for an university. So we have setting a wiki as ITPM-Handbook for the students . They are working over internet, setting up their project management handbooks on ITPM-Wiki. They could could use the wiki as a medium for communication, for documentation and tool to help them by the management.

Dr. The Anh Vuong


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