Blog-Mutations: Social Bookmarking and Twitter

In Social Software, there are two interesting Web 2.0 Applications: Social Bookmarking and Twitter – microbloging-. According to the suggested Model Two dimensional collected Information,  It would try here to classify them in the group of Social-software or better called “Social Software Technology”


Bookmarking-User shares his collected bookmarks as “bookmark -list” with any one in the internet. The bookmarks are added with his comments and his given tags .
User can connect to other bookmark’s users either as a fan or as a star, so that he could get a width information-field.

Well-know provider are DeliciousDigg and StumbleUpon.

Twitter– micro blogging –

Twitter User gives his collected information or  his owner idea into the “net”. It look like some one stand at the speaker’s corner in  Hyde Park , London and try to communicate with walker or visitors in the park about his political meaning or some thing else.  Twitter information is could be a hot news but could be also a stupid information “i am hungry and go now to lunch” . It is  different from blogging, which gives a long-term information and more details.


We could classify Social Bookmarking and twitter – micro blogging – to the family “BLOG”

Bookmarking is a blog-mutation of “BLOG”with “WIKI”. It is also a “BLIKI”.  Their URL-marks are decorated  with long-term comments and tagging.

Twitter is a blog-mutation of “BLOG” with “NEWS” . It produces short-term and compacted information.

Classification in the two dimensioned collected Information

According to above analysis, I would evaluate  them into the diagram for  “Model of Two dimensional collected Information” with following positions

Social Bookmarking

Quality: middle but higher than Wiki,  because its information was filtered and valuated from user.
Quantity: more than  with its networking: tag and fan-community.

Twitter – micro blogging

Quality: higher than BLOG, because its information is updated.  But it should remember, that its information could be wrong or blod.
Quantity: low because it come from one man show. But if this technology are combined with other technology (look at outlook)


Social Bookmarking and Twitter are very new and exciting technologies for Social Networking.

Social Bookmarking will more developed in the direction of WIKI, of Dictionary.

Twitter will goe in other direction.  It will be used  in the field  of journalist, of event maker or marketting.  In combination with other application, it could bring very exciting application . For example by the election of President 2009  in USA, a Twitter in cobination with SMS are used to observe polling stations.

The Anh Vuong, Dr.-Ing.

© 2008, Dr.-Ing.The Anh Vuong, Bielefeld, Germany .
Andere Marken oder Produktnamen sind Eigentum der jeweiligen Inhaber. Irrtürme vorbehalten.


One response to “Blog-Mutations: Social Bookmarking and Twitter

  1. Interesting … insight. I’m just stepping out into the realm of understanding and using social software and the speed information is carried is awe inspiring.

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