Low cost Samba Home Server- RASPBERRY PI 4


In looking for a solution to management of my huge home data in many TB Terabyte, which my family members have created from Home Computer, digital camera, smartphone and from internet download, I have found that there are on the market many devices called NAS — Server (Network-attached storage Server), which could save data in one place and access from different places or devices, but it is not inexpensive. So I have experimented to build a low cost NAS Home server with a Single-board computer Raspberry PI and Samba/CIFS Software using the SMB/CIFS networking protocol.

That is amazing! My Test Samba Server could manage a data volume of more than 30 TB by using a Raspberry Pi 4 Modell B ( ca.62 €) or Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (ca 41 €). All my family members are happy as they could save / share their photos, video clips and documents over the home server.

By the test construction, I have gotten a lot of problems in hardware and found different software installations written for computer specialists (s. here installations). So I would like to share you my experiences: a “blueprint” to plan, hardware choice, simple installation and setup of a samba home server with Raspberry Pi.

Blueprint – Hardware choice -simple installation with RASPBIAN – troubleshooting

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Low cost Samba Home Server: Raspberry PI 4 – simple installation -troubleshooting


A blueprint to build a low cost Samba NAS Server with Raspberry PI 4 Single board computer, experiences in hardware choice, in installation and in troubleshooting earned from building DIY Test System were described. A simple installation with RASPBIAN Desktop and setting of Server-configuration was described.

Have fun !

Dr.- Ing. The Anh Vuong, 24.04.2020


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(c) 2020 by Dr.-Ing. The Anh Vuong

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