Low cost Samba Home Server- RASPBERRY PI 4


In looking for a solution to management of my huge home data in many TB Terabyte, which my family members have created from Home Computer, digital camera, smartphone and from internet download, I have found that there are on the market many devices called NAS — Server (Network-attached storage Server), which could save data in one place and access from different places or devices, but it is not inexpensive. So I have experimented to build a low cost NAS Home server with a Single-board computer Raspberry PI and Samba/CIFS Software using the SMB/CIFS networking protocol.

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Ein Konzept zur kontaktlosen Durchführung von technischen schriftlichen Prüfungen

Dr.- Ing,. The Anh Vuong


Abbildung 1:  Prinzip des Konzepts zur kontaktlose Durchführung von technischen schriftlichen Prüfung


Aufgrund der aktuellen Maßnahmen gegen die Ausbreitung des Corona-Virus COVID-19, ist die Online Prüfungsform sehr gefragt. In der schriftlichen Prüfungsform von technischen Fächern an der Hochschule bzw. an der  Universität  erwartet man, dass die Aufgaben nicht nur mit berechneten Zahlen gelöst, sondern auch mit logischen Ergebnissen, Berechnungen von Formeln und Handzeichnungen durchgeführt, sowie durch Texterklärungen beschrieben werden. Die Entwicklung der vorhandenen klassischen Klausuren in die webbasierte Form würde Monate dauern.

Daher wird hier ein Konzept zur kontaktlosen Durchführung technischer schriftlicher Prüfungen mit Hilfe von Internet-Kommunikation vorgeschlagen, ohne die vorhandenen Klausur-Aufgaben und Ausarbeitungen zu verändern.

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Bệnh cúm coronavirus Covid-19: Nguy Hiểm & Rủi Ro

Bệnh dịch viêm phổi Coronavirus Covid-19 lây la khắp thế giới, đã biến thành  một đại dịch -pandemic (WHO). Hơn mười ngàn ngươi tử vong, chỉ trong một ngày 627 người ở Italy đã chết (20.03.2020). Các thành phố phồn thịnh như Vũ Hán, MACAO, Milan… và gần day là PARIS, Los Angeles bị đóng cửa (Shutdown), cách ly với thế giới bên ngoài. Hàng triệu người bị cách bắt buộc phải nằm nhà, nền kinh tế thế giới bị chậm lại vì con virus bé tí teo này (120 bis 160 nm, nm = 10 -9 m hay 1 phần triệu millimeter)

Bài này là  những sưu tầm về nguy hiểm và rủi ro của bệnh Viêm Phổi do  coronavirus covid-19 .

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E-Learning Simulator: vuong-dcp project


Data Compression: a complex subject

Data Compression plays a crucial role in mass communication such as digital transmission and data storage for text, image, video clips and audio streaming. It has become indispensable for fax, digital camera, and multimedia web- applications.

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Digital Transition: a lesson-learned project – Digital EEG System for preoperative diagnostics epilepsy surgery


On the 25th anniversary of the epilepsy surgery in Bethel, I would like to present a Digital Transition project as lesson-learned or best-practice project: “Digital EEG System for preoperative diagnostics epilepsy surgery”

It began in a coffee meeting of Professor Dr. P.Wolf (Bethel, Bielefeld, Germany) and Professor Dr. H. Lüders (Cleveland, Ohio, USA) in Jerusalem about epilepsy surgery. They came up with a development of a medicine program supported with high-tech and the result is the existing Epilepsy Surgery Center Bethel after 25 years.

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Model of Two dimensional collected Information

This post was written in 2008… 😦
It will be renew in  year 2017 … :mrgreen:

Model of Two dimensional collected Information

The classification here is not yet exact, but we could try to use it, to position the technology of different social software.

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ITPM-Wiki: a Handbook for Project management

Project Management Handbook [PM-Handbook] is a necessary tools to give information about the current stand of project.

Components of “IT-Project Management Handbook” are

– Information about organization, budget

– Information about milestones, dead lines

– Information about reviews, protocols, aprovals

– Requirement list, Plans, Concepts, Programmsources by IT

– Test results, Installation handbook, user handbook

– Risks list
– …

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