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Development kit for Covid-Data Analysis and Visualization.

Publication in  JOINUP – An official website of the European Union – Open Sources Solution – COVId19-datakit


Opensource VUONG-Projects 
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Founder : Dr. The Anh Vuong (Admin)
Member : Students @ GDV.informatik.

E-Learning Simulator: VUONG-DCP

Data Compression Simulator for Text, Sound, Images and video-clipS. Variable Data Compression methods could be applied. Simulators has a web client for E-Learning. It is focused for students and data compression interests.

Artificial Intelligence Demo Kit V_AIDEM

Demo Kit is used for study Artificial Intelligence technology

Blockchain Demo Kit VBCD

Demo Kit is used for study blockchain technology

Wiki Enterprise Solutions – opensource –

Wiki Tools for Enterprise Solutions: media
wiki-extensions and concepts as tools to develop enterprise-solutions for e-learning, knowledge-management, publishing, project-management. It focuses on user right-, workflow- and user interfaces


Project Mangement Web-Tools Software Tools are extensions, PlugIns and comunications modules integrate Web 20 Applications to offer a user friendly interface.

Multimedia BioInformatics 

Multimedia, Medicine Computing and BioInformatics — This Project is a collection of several subprojects for Solutions in Multimedia, Medicine Computing and BioInformatics focus on video-,EEG- & Multichanels-signals developped in Web 20, J2EE.


One thought on “opensource projects”

  1. Chao Thai,
    da nhan duoc mail va se hoi cho em.
    Chuc em mot ngay vui va gui loi tham cac thay khoa tin hoc va cac sinh vien da hoc voi thay trong khoa he 2005 nhe.

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