E-Learning Simulator: vuong-dcp project


Data Compression: a complex subject

Data Compression plays a crucial role in mass communication such as digital transmission and data storage for text, image, video clips and audio streaming. It has become indispensable for fax, digital camera, and multimedia web- applications.

Several coding methods are using to compress data objects efficiently. Data transmission can be compressed and decompressed in series or in parallel steps by using several codecs (coder & decoder) of different coding methods. Mixing of coding methods is using in many well-known methods: JPEG, Fax, MP3, etc.

The use of mathematics such as statistics and Boolean algebra are vital for data compression. Mathematics and traversal technical knowledge in artificial intelligence, physiology and psychology are also applied to compress data effectively. Data compression is a mathematical science but it has a relation to the reality. Therefore this is a complex subject.


Data compression required strong theoretical thinking in many fields as transformation, numeric mathematics, stochastics, but it needs understanding in physics, physiological and psychology. Students have difficult to understand the correlation between the theoretical thinking and the real world (Text, images, video, tons), because they could not “see” or “hear” how it works by coding.

To understand the blood flow in body or the function in a combustion engine, there are animated multimedia applications (video clips, web animations, power point presentations, etc.), so that one could understand without conceptual knowledge in theoretical biology or mechanics.

Therefore my main motivation here is: “Build a Simulator for data compression, to motivate students and encourage them to further their knowledge in data compression by active experiment”

Project Ideas

  • The Data Flow at the data compression process should be animated to look like the pathway of blood flow through the heart (Animation and Visualization)
  • Students can perform the experiments by mixing several codecs and changing codec’s parameters with real material: texts, images, sound and videos (E-Learning)
  • Development of a frame work for data compression using for mixing of codecs with different methods (Software architecture)
  • API (Application Interface) for other project using data compression (Software reuse)

Open source Project vuong-dcp

After many years experiment on a simulator for E-Learning data compression, it starts noon an open source project: vuong-dcp based on new architecture concept and developing with students at the GDV Informatics Institute of J.W. Goethe University Frankfurt am Main Germany.

E-LeaRning Simulator : VUONG-DCP

Comments and reviews for the project are welcome.

Project Initiator: Dr.-Ing. The Anh Vuong (Admin)

Thanks Acknowledged for Review: Prof. Dr. Kien Pham


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