From Wiki to Bliki – part 2: Blog as an online dairy –

Blog as an online dairy

Modern Blog began in 1994 and the number of the Blogs grows very explosive-like from 41,000 blogs in 2002 to approx. 2 millions blogs in 2003. In 2006 there are approx. 12 Miliion Blogs and more than 57 millions Blog-readers – Souce: Caslon Analytics

Blogs focus on the daily reports. Blogs are personal diaries or journals. Static web pages have contents which are often not up to date. There are some websites leaving on the net for years without update. Therefore web-pages are edged out from Blogs, because Blogs deliver more topical information than them.

Contrast to Wikis, where information are archived and fortifying, Blogs focus on topical events and on news. Therefore the software technologies applied to wikis is different to blogs.

Analyse the blog-technology under aspect of users

Blog has the following advantages for the user

  • Built-in editor to generate the reports fast
  • Surface of Blog is presented with attractive designed template. Thereby Cascarding Style Sheet CSS is applied. Blog Template are developed by designers and there are many free template are offered, some examples: wordpress themes archive , free wordpress themes, etc. . Blogs are more attractive for the readers than Wikis. This is an important aspect what a lot of Wikis especially do not respect.
  • The Webhosting for Blog is especially quantitative more than Wikis. Well-known free Blog providers are Yahoo! 360°, Blogger and WordPress. The Wikis is based on the amount of the author, therefore, it is better to be registered as an author by a famous Wiki as Wikipedia than to have an own Wiki.
  • However, the contents from Blogger – blog authors- are not written from every one as in Wiki, but from individual or from small redaction team. User-right mamangement of Blogs is therefore severer than those of Wikis.

The disadvantages of Blog:

  • The contents in Blog are based simply chronological or sorted by different categories
  • Blogs do not have a versioning system. One is able to constantly updated blog content. For the applications in the internal enterprises, Blogs are not favorable because the important information can be lost or agreement could be changed!
    Blog is a tool for advertising or publication for external application in enterprise but not for information archiving , for knowledge management.
  • Search module in Blog is weaker than in Wiki which has a text search modus.

Therefore, an attempt to develop an system from Wiki and Blog is very important for an optimally information collection and reuse . It is not easy Bliki=Blog+Wiki. One should have to take the advantages of Blog- and Wiki-technology to develop an optimal Information system to win the quality of informations which are delivered by many authors – quantitative contributors – as in term of the Social Networking.

continue next part 🙂

The Anh Vuong

From Wiki to Bliki
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2 thoughts on “From Wiki to Bliki – part 2: Blog as an online dairy –”

  1. >> The contents in Blog are based simply chronological or sorted by different categories (…)

    What about tagging? What about relating posts? What about serializing/relating posts?

  2. Dear Joachim,
    I would like to show here the disadvantages of blog compared with wiki, which look like a “book” . Blog is look like a notice. 8)
    Thanks for your remarks.
    The-Anh Vuong

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