Model of Two dimensional collected Information

This post was written in 2008… 😦
It will be renew in  year 2017 … :mrgreen:

Model of Two dimensional collected Information

The classification here is not yet exact, but we could try to use it, to position the technology of different social software.


A collected Information has two dimensions:

Quantity-dimension – horizontal dimension – shows how many people involve in the collection process of information. For example a wiki is a collection process very strong in horizontal. Many people send information about a theme e.g. about “the hai”. The information come from a collective process, it must not be exactly, some time it could be a humbug

Quality-dimension – vertical dimension – shows how it is intensive and detailed by collection or production of information for a special theme . Here are important chronological details or an intensive reports. For example a publication about “the hai” from a scientist. The information comes from an intensive preprocess and it could be reviewed vor the publication. The author has responsibility of their text, therefore it has more quality. Blog is for example strong in the vertical dimension.

Evaluate Reports

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4 thoughts on “Model of Two dimensional collected Information”

  1. We are living in the n-dimension space&time intermingle, henceforth one should move further up the limit of vetical & horizontal dimension infomation.
    One should look at the n-diemension information processing technique in which the filtered information from the past should find its way to make information more impartial.

  2. The Information are n-dimensional, but a 2-dim diagram is very simple for understanding and for evaluate. Therefore it would try to here to transformation n-dim. properties of information to a 2-dim point Info (quantity, quality). What new here is also the view the information on the need not on the generation of information.

    Thanks a lot for your comment.
    See you again on the web 😆

  3. The diagram provides a clear and easy to understand relationship between quality and quantity of information processing.

    Does a world of n-dimension really exist? Even when n=5 , is it possible to represent information for people to comprehend?

  4. With two eyes one could see 3-dim object or “space”. You see two images of 2-dim.
    In a film you could have the filling approximately about 4-dim. world: space and time. But what you see is only a transformation of 4-dim to 2 dim, namely the sequence of images! 8)

    Up to 5, I would say, we do not have the filling about this world. We could make different view but impossible to comprehend, because we self do not have the filling, what a 5-dim. world is (not a n-dim mathematical space). It look like as you say to a fish that there are creatures could live without to swim in water! 🙄
    Thanks a lot for your comment and discussion 😆

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